// World Without Sun – Jacques Cousteau //


We all know that Jacques Cousteau was the man. An all-round savant with many strings to his bow, but most notably a pioneer of marine conservation and underwater photography whose work as an accomplished filmmaker earned him 3 Oscars throughout his prolific career, Cousteau’s work continues to captivate and mesmerise viewers decades later.

Following the success of his Academy Award winning documentary, Le Monde du Silence (A World of Silence), Le Monde sans Soleil (World Without Sun) chronicles the Continental Shelf Station Two, the world’s first underwater sea colony in scientists set up a station to study the capacity for men to live and work underwater.

The film captures what is essentially scientific research and presents it in a artistic, beautifully eerie and surrealistic style that you can expect of Cousteau. And yes, some folk are quick to question the authenticity of particular sequences from the film, but isn’t that the beauty of creative license?

It’s awesome viewing if you have 90 odd minutes up your sleeve, especially if you can project it onto your ceiling and lay back to stare upwards, as if you’re looking for the ocean floor to the sea above you. Enjoy.

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