Sea Stoke is always looking for writers, photographers and other creative individuals to join its family of contributors. We value the fresh perspectives and creative vision of our contributors that allow the publication to provide its readers with a diverse range of content that strays from the norm. If you feel that your work would compliment the flavour of the publication, we’d love to hear from you.


Sea Stoke strives to offer its readers stories and creative works that are left-of-field, unique, inspiring, funny and entertaining, that are all connected to the ocean in some way, shape or form. Our readers are the types of folk who are daydreamers, thoughtful, adventurous, creative, and thrive on content that they wouldn’t find in the average magazine.

As a publication that truly values quality over quantity, all content is carefully selected to ensure it makes a sterling addition to this unique publication.

Sea Stoke offers its readers a chance to escape the chaos of modern living and venture into the unknown, where they will be offered a bevvy of unforgettable stories, powerful imagery and captivating works of art.

While the overall vibe of the publication is laidback, candid and honest, it also aims to be at all times inclusive, unpretentious and appeal to people from all walks of life, regardless of where you’re from and what floats your boat.

If you have something unique that ties in with the overall motif of the ocean that you believe would be a worthy feature to the publication, please read the following guidelines under each specific heading.

For all contributors, both finished work and pitches are welcome. If sending a pitch, please include snippets and/or portfolio samples of previous work. Note we aim to work around three months in advance of issue release dates.


There is no specific word limit for written content, however, keep in mind the nature of online reading and please understand that all written material may be subject to editing. Email your submissions to in the form of a standard .doc or .PDF


Email your submissions to in the form of lo-res jpeg attachments, .PDFs and/or links to websites, Flickr or similar file-sharing sites.