// Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans in San Diego //

Phlegm for PangeaSeed

We’re massive fans of the work behind PangeaSeed who collaborate with internationally renowned artists to employ ‘artivism’ as a means to raise awareness and educate the masses about the current issues that are negatively impacting the world’s oceans.

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans is an ongoing artistic campaign that uses large-scale public murals in combination with community-based educational efforts that focus attention on major environmental issues the oceans are currently facing and promote the importance of long-term sustainability of natural resources.

They’ve recently released several new works that make up the San Diego addition to this epic project. With some well respected artists such as Phlegm, Exist, DALeast, Fintan Magee, Nosego, Tatiana Suarez and Zio Ziegler, the San Diego chapter once again showcases an impressive collection of murals for a valuable cause that we’re always stoked to support.

To learn more about PangeaSeed and ways to get behind the cause, head over to their website.

All photos courtesy of PangeaSeed founder and director, Tre Packard.

Phlegh 7

Phlegm for PangeaSeed

DALeast for PangeaSeed

Fintan Magee for PangeaSeed

Nosego for PangeaSeed

Tatiana Suarez for PangeaSeed

Zio Ziegler for PangeaSeed

Zio Ziegler for PangeaSeed


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