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When we first found out about the awesome work that PangeaSeed do, we were stoked to see a non-profit organisation using art, education and other interesting means to raise awareness about conservation of sharks and other marine animals in peril. Based in Honolulu but stretching their tentacles across continents, they do some inspiring work in their mission to inspire change about the way we view and treat ocean animals and the environments they live in.


Among some of their achievements, they were the first nonprofit organisation in Japan to raise public awareness about shark conservation and preservation. As an NGO, all projects are funded by the generosity of people who care about and want to support the continued efforts of PangeaSeed.



We want to share with you the body of work titled, The Sea of Change—A Year of Living

Dangerously, which was the suite of work in 2013 that involved 12 renowned contemporary artists who produced 12 amazing works of art, each month a different one was released representing an endangered ocean animal. The limited edition prints are available to purchase, with all proceeds going towards the Sea of Change- AYOLD tour around Asia, in which the exhibition will continue its mission to raise awareness about the conservation of these animals.

8_August_Greg_Craola_Simkins_HammerheadShark 9_September_Frank_Kozk_GreatWhiteShark 10_October_Kozyndan_Manatee 11_November_Ken_Taylor_Albatross_Variant 12_December_Dave_Kinsey_BlueFinTuna 1_Flagship_Image_Cinzah_Merkens_TheTotem

If you’ve got an itch to buy some art for a worthy cause, head over here 

Drawing from the concept success of the 2013 suite of art works, PangeaSeed are excited to announce the 2014 collection, titled: HOME: A Fine Art Print Suite for Threatened

Ocean Habitats. HOME aims to address and raise greatly needed awareness for threatened ocean habitats such as coral reefs, open ocean, kelp forests, etc.
With 14 new prints from 14 artists, limited edition prints are available for purchase and they’re throwing in a super sweet bonus print if you purchase the entire home suite of prints. To get your grubby mitts on a set, head here.

We plan to bring you more about PangeaSeed and might just have a little something in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

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