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“Cancer is a crazy thing. When you hear the word it is sort of like talking underwater. I didn’t know what to do and as a husband – when you are supposed to stand in the gap and take the punch for your wife – it is a helpless feeling. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and then right on the heals of that she was diagnosed with lymphoma.
There was a week of time where words like terminal and poor prognosis became part of our conversations. Needless to say, life comes into focus very quickly. Our world ground to a halt but nothing else stops. Work, commitments, bills. It all just keeps rolling along.

I am a graphic designer by trade and sitting in meetings listening to people have heated discussions about the size of their logo or the difference between plain water and spritzer. Made my head numb.

Paddling has been my safe place through all of this. One morning I was in the middle of the lake. Just floating. Too wore out to do much else. Looking around listening to sound the water makes — How can I use the skills that I have to do something for good — was the question I couldn’t get out of my head.

Monster & Sea came to life. A brand that offers hope and inspiration. A brand that gives back and a brand that people are proud to be associated with.

”Go because you can” is the hope and inspiration.

10% of every sale is the the give back to help families dealing with cancer.

If we can write one check that helps one family deal with the chaos that cancer brings – then Monster & Sea is successful.

If we can inspire others to want to participate, give back and live by example — then we are all successful.

My wife is the strongest person I know. She went through terror and facing her own mortality with faith, grace and composure. She is out the other side for now and doing well. Humbling to say the least and she embodies everything that Monster and Sea is – Troy Nebeker

Support an amazing cause by heading to www.monsterandsea.com



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