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// PangeaSeed //
Jan 25, 2014

When we first found out about the awesome work that PangeaSeed do, we were stoked to see a non-profit organisation using art, education and other interesting means to raise awareness about conservation of sharks and other marine animals in peril. Based in Honolulu but stretching their tentacles across continents, they do some inspiring work in their mission to inspire change about the way we view and treat ocean animals and the environments they live in.


Among some of their achievements, they were the first nonprofit organisation in Japan to raise public awareness about shark conservation and preservation. As an NGO, all projects are funded by the generosity of people who care about and want to support the continued efforts of PangeaSeed.



We want to share with you the body of work titled, The Sea of Change—A Year of Living

Dangerously, which was the suite of work in 2013 that involved 12 renowned contemporary artists who produced 12 amazing works of art, each month a different one was released representing an endangered ocean animal. The limited edition prints are available to purchase, with all proceeds going towards the Sea of Change- AYOLD tour around Asia, in which the exhibition will continue its mission to raise awareness about the conservation of these animals.

8_August_Greg_Craola_Simkins_HammerheadShark 9_September_Frank_Kozk_GreatWhiteShark 10_October_Kozyndan_Manatee 11_November_Ken_Taylor_Albatross_Variant 12_December_Dave_Kinsey_BlueFinTuna 1_Flagship_Image_Cinzah_Merkens_TheTotem

If you’ve got an itch to buy some art for a worthy cause, head over here 

Drawing from the concept success of the 2013 suite of art works, PangeaSeed are excited to announce the 2014 collection, titled: HOME: A Fine Art Print Suite for Threatened

Ocean Habitats. HOME aims to address and raise greatly needed awareness for threatened ocean habitats such as coral reefs, open ocean, kelp forests, etc.
With 14 new prints from 14 artists, limited edition prints are available for purchase and they’re throwing in a super sweet bonus print if you purchase the entire home suite of prints. To get your grubby mitts on a set, head here.

We plan to bring you more about PangeaSeed and might just have a little something in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

// Follow the light //
Jan 25, 2014


“I can only think of one experience which might exceed in interest a few hours spent under water, and that would be a journey to Mars.” William Beebe.

Photograph by Sarah Lee Mermaid Alison’s Adventures.

// Excuse the Roach //
Jan 22, 2014

Grab a board (any board) and go surfing. Watch this first though… Some beautiful surfing on everything but a thruster, featuring the incredible surfing of Harrison Roach shot over a week period in Hawaii. Enjoy

// The Wait //
Jan 22, 2014

Photograph by Ming Nomchong Photography
“The shot is of Wispy (aka, Christian Barker) waiting it out between sets, somewhere on the NSW coast.”

// Lone Peak //
Jan 21, 2014

Finding empty perfection today is getting harder and harder, but if you really want it, there are gems like this out there to be found.

Photograph by Steve Arklay Photography

// Teahupoo is boss //
Jan 20, 2014

The ocean letting us know who is really in charge.  Teahupoo dealing out some serious carnage in this compilation.

// True to this //
Jan 20, 2014

When Volcom was founded in 1991, it was the first company to combine surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding under one brand. This way of life influenced the “Youth Against Establishment” style and attitude that defined a generation.

It was not uncommon during the 90’s to have all three board sports in the same film.  It was fair to say that anyone who say surfed was into skating as well as snowboarding or vice versa. The feeling of having a board under ones feet was a universal feeling, one that surfers, skaters and snowboarders all shared.  As the years went on though each sport took on their own life, and they no longer shared the same stage in films or magazines.

Volcom are set to release a new film called True to this which pays homage to the energy and artistry of board-riding in its purest forms.  Surfers, skaters and snowboarders are once again brought together in a tribute to the movement that inspired a generation and the people and places that embody the spirit today.

Here is a short clip with some of the making of the film…  Stay tuned for its release in March this year.

// Tetrapods //
Jan 18, 2014

Jerome Sayhoun and Antoine Delpero take on the steroidal African sandpit known as Terapods, a previously un-surfed wave at the edge of a military-controlled harbour, which now according to The Surfer’s Journal no longer exists due to the militaries extension of the breakwater.  Check out the amazing and only ever recorded session below…


// The Real Big Wednesday //
Jan 16, 2014

Check out this amazing & rare footage of the first surfers to ride outside pipeline, Ricky Grigg, Mike Stang and Greg Noll. Big boards and no leg ropes and some classic commentary.  Enjoy, share & comment!

// Snow Stoke //
Jan 14, 2014

Despite our infatuation with the ocean and surfing, we’re also drawn to the mountains and snowboarding. So, when faced with the decision on whether we continue to surf during the Canadian winter which has been an amazing experience or head to the snow, we decided to opt for the latter.

sea_stoke_gary_parker gary_parker_home_grown gary_parker-5gary_parker_photography-3 gary_parker_photography-13
Although it felt as if we had to choose a favourite child, we just had to take advantage of the champagne powder for which Canada is known! A little side project for the founding members of Sea Stoke, we’ve swapped surf for snow, the green room for the white room and will be spending the winter with Whitewater Ski Resort as our playground.

So far, so bloody good. Balls-deep powder, terrain that is begging to be carved and the most laid-back atmosphere we’ve ever experienced at a ski resort, we’re stoked to be collaborating with Whitewater as we experience the mountains and what it means to be away from the ocean. We’ll be doing the odd post at as well as the Sea Stoke blog, so stay tuned.

white_water_sea_stoke-6 white_water_sea_stoke-9 white_water_sea_stoke

Have a read of the first post, Trading salt water for Whitewater.
Photos: Gary Parker

// A Date with the Strait //
Jan 10, 2014

World Champion open water athletes Zeb Walsh, Jack Bark and Brad Gaul are making the journey from mainland Australia to the shore of Tasmania.

Here they hope to create history by being the first people to cross this stretch of water via paddle paddle board – from mainland Australia to Tasmania across the Bass Strait.

// In an Octopus’ Garden //
Jan 9, 2014


The sea is a truly magical place…
Photograph by John Kelsey

// North Of The Sun //
Jan 7, 2014

After the silly season, sometimes we need a kick back into gear to get the adventure motivation flowing…  This film chronicles the journey of mates Inge Wegge and Jørn Ranum, as they embrace the Norwegian winter by setting off into a remote bay facing the Atlantic Ocean. They built a cabin made entirely out of driftwood and other debris and ate expired food deemed unfit for supermarket shelves. Armed with tenacity and their beloved surfboards, the lads got to experience some rugged wilderness and solitary waves of a lifetime. Stunning visuals and brimming with energy, we highly recommend you make the much worthy purchase of renting or buying the film to check it out.

To watch the full movie head here.


// New Paths //
Jan 2, 2014


“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Reflecting back on the 2013, we hope you recall memories that make you smile, laugh and appreciate another year of this crazy thing called life. May the new year be laden with the things that bring you stoke…waves, sunshine, good company, music, adventure, food, travel and general good vibes. Muchas gracias for your ongoing support in 2013 and we are nothing but amped to continue propelling forward with you all in the year to come. Have an epic New Year’s celebration, wherever you may find yourself!
The Sea Stoke family

// The Shaper //
Dec 26, 2013

sea_stoke, the shaperWinner of The Shorties comp at the London Surf Film Festival 2012, Byron Bay Surf Festival Shorts 2012 and Carve Magazine’s Best Short Film 2012. Honourable Mention at San Diego Surf Film Festival 2013.

“The Shaper” is a feel good film by Crayfish Films starring a man named ‘Chief” who sets out to do what he loves best – shape boards. He believes the universe create us as human beings so in return the universe should be the one to create what we ride.

Stay Stoked and Safe over new years – surf, swim, sail, dive, fish and most of all have fun…