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// Right of the Pier – Jaider Lozano //
Jun 15, 2013

We are stoked to introduce another amazing photographer to you all – Mr Jaider Lozano from Asturias, north of Spain.  To follow Jaider’s work head to his facebook and also check out his website.


// Water Flare – Bryce Johnson //
Jun 15, 2013

A beautifully surreal moment captured by Bryce Johnson Photography. — with Bryce Johnson.

// Hawaiian—The Legend of Eddie Aikau //
May 10, 2013

Looking forward to checking out this film that pays homage to Hawaiian legend, Eddie Aikau, Waimea Bay’s first lifesaver whose name is synonymous with big wave charging. Featuring some epic vintage footage and interviews with those who knew him well, the film depicts the story of a man whose contribution to Hawaiian culture both in and out of the water remain an inspiration today.

// Somewhere under the rainbow – Bryce Johnson //
May 7, 2013

bryce_johnson_sea_stoke We met Bryce Johnson while we were enjoying some time on the beautiful islands of Hawaii. We were absolutely blown away by his photography and will be sharing some of his work over the next few weeks with a feature on the way. To see more of his work head to here.

// Drift //
Apr 30, 2013

Surfing meets the silver screen once again in the latest feature film ‘Drift’ which chronicles the lives of the Kelly brothers, who started a backyard surf business from their Margaret River family home in the 70s. Based on a true story, it showcases some spectacular surf footage of WA that serves as the core to this tale of brotherhood, passion crime and corruption, with the obligatory relationship thrown in the mix for good measure. Should be interesting to see the outcome, we’ll let you be the judge! Comes to Australian screens May 2nd.

Head to the Drift website to check out more about this film. 

// R.I.P Steph //
Apr 27, 2013

The other day I came out of the water and saw a man building what looked to be a sand castle. On closer inspection i found it was much more.

‘Farewell my girl. I carried you for eight months through central america and you carried me over some pretty big ups and downs. I shared my tent with you, I waxed you, I named you, I hitch-hiked with you, I combed you and even repaired your leash with wire and stingeyness…. Alas, after all the sunrises and sunsets I watched with you… you snapped… feels like time to go home and face the winter.’

R.I.P Steph.


// At The Edge [Between Heaven and Hell] //
Apr 26, 2013

The romantics believed that seafaring gave you a sense of nearing the eternal; it was the closest to the sublime you could experience.

Ten years ago, I sailed across the Pacific Ocean-and passed through the Inter-tropical Convergence Zone. The unthethered, liquid life has a power and a mystery that is incredibly profound. There is no silence, no rest and no calm on a sailboat at sea. Peace and quiet have to come from within.


You exist every day and night on a fluid medium where time and space merge without any reference points. All sense of reality as you knew it is lost. The open ocean is a special place that few people have experienced. It is difficult to explain the pull that this haunting, spiritual and consuming place has on a landlocked sailor

After being at sea for 27 days, it was as if I had died and then was reborn when I arrived back on land. My images express the beautiful and mysterious parallel between the ocean and an unworldly place we imagine as heaven.

Each image is divided into two aspects of my connection to land and sea; one represents the longing to be here, the other, my longing to be there both in my life now and when I was at sea.

Photographs & Words by Kristianne Koch Riddle

To see more of Kristianne’s work head to her website here


// Kainos – Film Teaser //
Apr 24, 2013

We cannot wait for this to be released… We are huge fans of Sarah Lee Photography who is in the process of making a magical film underwater with Jeff Dotson… Here is a little teaser. To see some of Sarah’s beautiful photographs also check out a story we featured her most recent work in Issue Two, which you can check out here.

// Hearing Voices – Shaun Freeman //
Apr 22, 2013


“I could almost hear an old sailor telling stories about his time at sea, carried on the rip and show with the light. Not a soul around just a story being told as if It wasn’t important who was there to listen.”

Words & Photograph by Shaun Freeman – to see more of Shaun’s work head to or

// Mikono ya Wavuvi (In Fishermen’s Hands) //
Apr 12, 2013

The following is a fantastic short film by Austin Humphries titled “Mikono ya Wavuvi (In Fishermen’s Hands)” which is about marine conservation in Kenya and the struggle between fishermen saving the ocean or saving their livelihood.

“Coral reefs are one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world, and globally, millions of people depend on the resources they provide. In East Africa, along the coast of Kenya, fishing is often the only option for work, and as a result, communities are highly reliant on coral reefs for food and livelihood. This has resulted in increasingly degraded coral reefs, where very few fish remain and sea urchins take over. Consequently, some fishermen have identified a need for change. This has resulted in an exciting movement for the establishment of community-managed areas closed to fishing, locally called a ‘tengefu’, which is a Swahili term meaning ‘to set something aside’.”

To follow the progress and support Austin head over toMikono ya Wavuvi and spread the good word…

// Parafina //
Apr 11, 2013

Parafina is the sea-centric label that celebrates a love and appreciation for the ocean and the great outdoors with eco-conscious clothing and products with and an emphasis on quality and ‘hands on’ craftsmanship. But the philosophy behind the label runs a whole lot deeper, and we spoke to founder Carlos Saez to pick his brain about Parafina and his lust for life.

When did you start Parafina and what were you doing before starting the label?

I was traveling the world as a judge in the Kiteboarding World Cup. It was a dream job, specially the first 7-8 years. Then I fell in love and had to be away from Estefanía, so I decided it was the moment to go for it. I always had the idea and this was the right moment to follow that dream.

Who is the team behind Parafina?

It was only me for the first year and a half, them my wife dropped her job to help me (she is a graphic designer). I also got Juan, one of my best friends, to help with the logistics and financial part. I also have Sean in California, doing the screen-printing and shop distribution. I have family in Long beach, CA, they are helping me a lot. I could not have gone this far without the tremendous help and support. I am so grateful for that.

In one sentence, how would you summarise the philosophy or overall vibe of Parafina?

Do the best you can with what you have, respect nature, love your family your friends and have fun.

Who does all the awesome graphics for your tees?

It is teamwork. I create every single concept and idea; I do detailed sketches and then got some friends and artists to help and get them to look as good as possible. I am working with a lot of artists right now. I am also doing some of them, so is my wife. I love meeting creative people and I am always looking to collaborate with as many artists as possible that share our same philosophy on life.

With so many fashion labels available online, what sets Parafina apart from the rest of the crowd?

I guess the coolest part of Parafina is that each t-shirt has a story behind it. Each design fits into a bigger picture, a story of love for the ocean and the outdoors. I think consumers are demanding richer, more authentic connections to the products they use. That is what I expect, so this is what I try to deliver. I think the handmade and eco-friendly approach is really cool, too. We are putting love into everything we are doing with the brand.

What has been the greatest challenge in running a label?

Oh, too many challenges! But for me, the financial side for sure stands out in difficulty. It is like swimming in a shark-infested sea. When you think of doing a little brand, you think on the creative side all the time, but of course there is a financial side of every business and it needs a lot of effort with the accounting, cash flow, bookkeeping, invoices, shipping, etc. I find all this real difficult and time consuming.

What has been a significant highlight during your Parafina journey?

I was working on this for almost two years. It is a lot of time, and you don´t know if people will actually like what you are doing. A big moment was when I showed the thing for the first time, I was really scared. I sent a little PDF with the designs to some of my favourite shops in California. Almost every single one was stoked with the vibe of the brand. My very first order came from Thalia! Being able to show my brand in there along with Canvas Shop, Aloha Sunday, Infinity Surfboards, Seaworthy and Wolves made me believe I was on the right track.

Your soon-to-be-released sunglasses look very tidy indeed… Do you have any other products that you would like to create in future?

I have a bunch of ideas of what I think is really cool stuff, but I cannot tell you here as a lot of them have never been released yet and I don’t want other brands (specially the ones owned by banks at Wall Street) to release them before I can afford to do so. I am not so much into doing every clothing garments, aside from the basics. But I’d love to do some cool surfing and outdoor intended gadgets, always trying to do them from eco materials, done by hand and affordably priced.

Where would you like to see Parafina in a couple of years from now?

Hmmm, for me the best compliment is to receive an email from a customer that is happy with the item he/she bought, the packaging, and the overall service before and after the purchase. I’d like to see them happy with what they get from us. I’d be happy if we can keep doing what we love, putting the right philosophy and ethics behind every product.

Your website expresses a genuine appreciation for nature and the outdoors. What sort of outdoors adventure do you get amongst in your spare time?

My father is a sailor, my mum was a swimming athlete. I got baptised in the ocean! So I have surfed, sailed, fished and dived from an early age. They always taught me to respect nature. At 12, I discovered the mountain and started skiing and snowboarding and afterwards I became an instructor for a few years. We live in front of the ocean, so we get to surf a lot. Behind our house it’s beautiful forest where we love to spend time hiking.

What role has the sea played in your life?

I always think of the sea as the single most important thing in my existence. It helped form my own personality more than any teacher at school. The sea is life; life was created in the sea. I know there are a lot of people feeling this strong connection and that must mean something. It is something I can´t really explain, but it is like a magnet that keeps you gravitating towards and coming back to it. When my time is over, I´d like to die near the sea. Anywhere you are in the world, it makes you feel at home while you submerged on it.

If you could be a sea creature, what would you be and why?

Come on, this is so easy! Of course a dolphin! They are the coolest animals in the planet; they are free, they know how to play and have fun, they are friendly, and they know how to surf. What else could anyone ask for?

Head to Parafina‘s website now  – Stay Rad & Stay Stoked! 

// Girls Girls Girls //
Apr 5, 2013

Girls Girls Girls is another ‘Ritratti de Surf’ installment from the lads behind the surf film, Onde Nostre. A lovely little insight into 3 gorgeous Italian gals who froth on surfing and do it with effortless style!

Check out more of the work that Luca Merli and his Block 10 Production crew get up to here.

// Christian McLeod – Spinning Green //
Apr 1, 2013

Recently winning the best photographer at the Shore Shots Irish Film Festival last weekend, we thought we would share one of Christian McLeod Photography fantastic images.


// Uncommon Ideals //
Mar 26, 2013

Uncommon Ideals is a stunning short film by Chris McLean and Mark Waters that explores surfing in the North Sea. The culmination of beautiful cinematography, music and poetry from the talented Mr Daniel Crockett, this film whisks you away to the picturesque north where time seems to stand still.

// Kook Paradise //
Mar 17, 2013

Shot in the style of a daggy, kitsch 60s surf films, Kooks Paradise is a parody on the modern kook. A film by Danny Dimauro and Tin Ojeda it was an entrant in 2012 New York Surf Film Festival. Not sure when the full length film is set to be released, there seems to be little information available about this! In the meantime, have a chuckle at the trailer!