All around the world, people flock to the ocean for the combination of water, sand and preferably sun, that makes for the most perfect recipe for good vibrations. While we are at play, negatively charged ions are at work, infiltrating the atmosphere, which triggers the release of serotonin. Hence why we always walk away from the ocean with that ‘feel good’ sensation, our souls feeling replenished and content. There is no straightforward answer as to why so many of us feel particularly drawn to the sea, but Mother Ocean is simply like a giant magnet and we constantly gravitate towards her mystique for work, play, exploration, inspiration, therapy or whatever else floats your boat, no pun intended. As coastal dwellers and lovers, we each have own reasons why we are hell-bent on living a life aquatic.  Centuries ago, explorers began to document their discoveries and encounters with the sea and we continue to draw from our experiences. There seems to be a never-ending supply of knowledge and experiences that we can gain from the ocean, which is why it remains a driving force behind the work of people all around the world. There are countless numbers of individuals and organisations that dedicate their lives to the splendour of the ocean’s offerings, always seeking to learn and understand more about this most fascinating entity. The stoke continues in Seaward Bound, and this issue is all about people venturing towards the sea to relish in its magic and give us a view from their perspective. We hope you delve into the minds of the talented wordsmiths, photographers and artists who seek to explore their ongoing bond with the sea and share their insights with us. Enjoy

Background Photograph – By Sarah Lee