by Maddie Joyce TITLE LETTERING 
by Kat Charles

Maddie Joyce is a lovely, young lass who creates beautiful pieces of artwork that reflect her down-to-earth, grassroots nature. She keeps herself busy with her studies and maintains a personal blog as well as the highly popular Magic Bus Collective, where she features the work of other artists she digs. Apart from her artistic talents, she is also a passionate foodie who loves to create delicious, wholesome foods using fresh, homegrown, organic produce. Her food blog, Fennel and Thyme is a her beautifully simple blog dedicated to her culinary creations that warm the soul. She shares her recipes which she accompanies with photos, that make the dishes all the more appealing to cook and eat! Maddie has kindly shared the following mouth-watering recipe with us, which is a perfect breakfast or brunch that will make everyday feel like a Sunday.

title_sea_stoke_maddie_joyce Add a dash of olive oil to a pan and heat. Add the sliced mushrooms and sauté until softened slightly. Add the crushed garlic, cooked green lentils and lemon juice and cook until heated through. When the mushrooms are cooked season with salt and remove from the heat. At this point, pop your toast into the toaster! Poaching an egg shouldn’t be a daunting experience! It’s really quite simple. Fill a pan with cold water and bring to a boil, turn the heat down and bring to a gentle simmer. Using a wooden spoon create a whirl pool in the pan. When the water is swirling, drop the egg directly into the centre. Put the lid on and set your timer to 2 minutes. At about 1:30 remove the lid and using a spoon gently lift the egg out. Using your finger check the egg white around the yolk, it should be soft but not slimy. If it’s still slimy, gently return it to the water and poach it for about 30 seconds more. Your egg will harden more once you remove it so don’t over cook it. On a paper towel place the cooked egg and pat dry. Spoon your delicious garlic mushrooms onto your toast and top with your perfect poached egg!


Fennel & Thyme  //  Maddie Joyce Art