WORDS by Martin Lund

[T]he thunderous shorebreak beats down upon the sands, relentlessly sucking stones up into its midriff as the sand coils and spins, only to be brought back down to earth with unyielding power. Among it, the rocks swivel and roll against each other, creating a sound audible from both the shore and under the water. It is as if the underwater zoo were combining its full orchestral repertoire, drumming to their own characteristic beat, unknown to those naive upon terra firma, another world, another universe. The ocean is constantly moving, constantly flexing its muscles and creating an ongoing metaphoric ideal for our tremendously complex existences. Its moods are strong, forcefully displaying its might and pure animosity. It, unlike us, has no point to prove but only a consistency of fluid, cyclic movement, negotiating its boundaries, often with force, moving and shaking the earth upon which we walk but often lapping placidly, harmless and accepting of our presence within it. It contains more than we can imagine, from the largest mammals to the smallest life forms, fading in-and-out of sight through the vast distances, distances almost unfathomable to our rudimentary understanding. It embodies the forever dynamic nature of things, of the world that spins around us, of human nature, ups and downs, creating the complexity of fear, the beauty of experience within the fluid medium of life, acting as a metaphor for the essential unknown that lies ahead represented by the vast echelons of the mystery below.

We are captivated by its essential unfamiliar nature, its vast blue mass, seemingly endless. We exist within it in a head space of fear, mostly through our helplessness for as with the inevitability of experience, positive or negative, it may embrace us, the essence of placidity, serving to equalise the heated liquid that makes up the most of our physical form, to cool the rising waters that at times take over, red hot and out of control. It is for me a depiction of the emotion that coils up inside of us, either napping away or longing to get out, placidity in the calmer times and a raging entity, fighting its way against the shores that constrict it, beating down, down, holding you down, down. Within that moment, one’s heart beats out of the casing that encapsulates it, rhythmic and dynamic, a sense of panic at times growing and fading, the moments lasting more than their set quota, the waves relentlessly turning and consuming one’s every energy. It seems our lack of understanding that renders us unable to predict its moods and forms, leaves us helpless and fearful in these tense moments. Naive.

The dynamic, fluid medium in which we swim, although at times turquoise and clear, a clarity that allows us not only to see and grasp but emanates within us as a sense of belief. A belief in what, it cannot be told, but through its lucidity resonates its way through us like the crimson lifeblood that flows through our veins, a moment of incommunicable inspiration, a flutter of love or undisturbed connection and focus. The magnitude of it spreads evenly and without hesitation, that which inspires us, leaves us open to the challenges and culminates in our striving to move beyond what we can fathom as comfortable, as our ends. However, when the river mouth blows out, that which is inevitable, the dark, murky waters flow evenly and steadily through the clarity, clouding our view and rendering us lost within a whirlwind, no foreseeable direction in which to move, unwitting of the next step or how to approach such a step, as the kingdom of opportunity lays ahead, along with the imperceptible boundaries that stand in our way.

For now, the clouds of the river silt swirl around and cloud the vision of what is to come, a misty insecurity in the face of the unknown. Constricted and helpless, swimming in every direction with little to guide one, as if a child grasping and grabbing haphazardly we are stuck with little to fend for ourselves, only the bare blind instinct that we come to know as home. Do not be scared to let the clarity fade though, for you know not what lies just outside your short reach, outside your inconcise immediate view.

“As with love, the purest beauty and experiences often come around in the strangest of times, when we know not what we are looking for”.

That mist may well contain that which leads you towards the ecstatic, overpowered by the beauty of such a discovery, unexpected and inevitably purer for it. If all were crystal clear and the waters still, the distinction of the future would not allow us the pure unbridled beauty of virgin encounter, of the feeling of stumbling upon that which is unexpected. For, as with love, the purest beauty and experiences often come around in the strangest of times, when we know not what we are looking for. Seemingly lost in the swirl, it comes up to meet us, face-to-face. With nothing else in our periphery, we are only allowed to view the beauty that lies in front of us, enhanced by its focus. We must meet these moments with openness, delight and acceptance, for very often they will not come around again in this life. Grasp what you see before you for the most important people are those within your immediacy, the moment grasped in real time with a clarity known only to you in that particular moment.

There is something to be said for the clarity, the comfort of it and the way it allows to see our next move, our next stroke. Our forward thinking, plans and an outlook to the future are pivotal, yet the immediacy of full involvement in the here and now, whether the water is clear or murky, is where the answers lie. A heightened sense of learning and an essential experience may come from the cloudy waters as our periphery is ousted from view, our instinctual draw directs us, as full bodied experience comes at us with both power and speed. This, the most clarified of forms is perceived as the essence of experience, seen just moments before it is lived. Do not fear the river blowing out, bask in the clarity but fear not the murky waters for they, in their inevitability, hold the most pertinent of answers. The waters will lie ahead for a time to come, dynamic and accepting and as long as we accept the views, the feeling of it against our skin, its essential power to heal, the majestic waters will continue to change before us. We only have to keep swimming.

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