Poem by Tim Hawken  –  Art by Luke Hallam

Sinking his feet into untrodden sands

The Coast Poet watches with back to the land

Unbridled giants gallop from unknown depths

White spraying manes crashing spectacular death

Thunderous rumbles ache against sandstone rock

Rising and beating like a natural clock

The rising falls down and calms to a rest

The Coast Poet steps out, an alien guest

Fingers dip down beneath chilled winter seas

Clearing the breakers with relative ease

Sitting and waiting as swirls swirl around

The Coast Poet watches with back to the land.

Alone in the ocean, adrift from the coast

The Poet sits happy as giants roll past

The rhythm of tides match the rhythms of swell

The ebb and the flow are a whispering spell

An albatross passes, riding the winds

Its wings barely moving, the flight never ends

Trickles of movement drip, drip all around

The sea’s unique language of delicate sounds

Restless yet calm, a mind full of nothing

Worries float past, like sea-creatures breathing

Salt eyes keep watching, and rubbing his hands

The Coast Poet watches with back to the land.

A stirring of shadows shift out far away

New giants are moving, into the bay

Howling in silence they steam straight ahead

Pulled towards reef by invisible threads

Smiling to greet them like a welcoming friend

The Poet he joins them as giants descend

Swinging around, now together in dance

Two souls feed each other with endless romance

Gliding on canvas, and writing his song

The Poet sings wordless, his heart beats along

But as the giant’s life fades out on the sand

The Coast Poet’s feet come back to the land.

Poem by Tim Hawken  –  Art by Luke Hallam