Issue One

Everyone needs to be passionate about something in their life. Whether it’s fashion, bird watching or gardening, these things allow people to share a common interest and connect with others who share these passions.

For some of us, a healthy obsession with the sea consumes nearly every waking moment of our lives and we find ourselves lost in daydreams thinking of when we will be getting back amongst the salty goodness of the ocean.

The salt in human blood and tears is a reminder of our primal connection to the ocean and as John F Kennedy once poignantly put it, “We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea – whether it is to sail or to watch it – we are going back from whence we came”.

Each individual identifies with the sea in their own way—some are addicted to surfing, deep-sea diving or fishing and for others, it might be something as simple as enjoying a stroll along the beach.

The ocean covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, so it’s little wonder that billions of people around the globe are inextricably linked to this powerful and awe-inspiring natural resource. It’s a place that allows us to step back from our all too often hectic lifestyles, where we can take the time to slow down, breathe in the salt air and walk away feeling energised and cleansed by therapeutic nature of an ocean backdrop.

Issue one of Sea Stoke sheds some light on some inspiring people from near and far, whose lives are proudly influenced by the sea. We hope you enjoy reading about their stories and looking at the images as much as we have enjoyed putting it all together.
Welcome to Sea Stoke…

Cover Photo – Jon Frank