[K]atja Kremenic is a photographer and a visual artist with a background in media, communications and film. After spending half of her life on the island of Cres, Croatia, she moved to Ljubljana to study communication and media. She is currently based in Berlin where she is working on commissioned work mostly in fashion and portraits, as well several personal projects. Even though she is influenced by different cultures and places, she tends to lean towards clear, intimate yet strong imagery and conceptually fragile aesthetics enhanced by practicing analog photography and use of natural light. Her work has been featured in numerous print and online publications such as Neon Magazine, Vogue Italia, Another Something&Company, The photographic Journal, Der Greif, REVS magazine, DressLab, Lens Magazine, The Meander, No Thoughts, KNEON, MC Photo Annual, etc. Awards include Slovenia Press Photo Award honourable mention and Life Framer award winner of the contest. Her work has been exhibited in Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey, Portugal, Russia and Sweden.

Bonanza (meaning calm sea or good luck) is a selection of photographs captured from the Adriatic Sea presented in diary-like form. The story follows a simple concept that involves photography, travel and personal evolution. Katja has a deep connection to the scenes shot in Bonanza as it is in this area of the world in which she grew up. Katja’s photographs attempt to document a place that not only exists in the narrative created by the photographer, but as personal travel through the many different worlds of summer. Therefore the sea and beach have a prominent role as the iconic backdrop for the photographs. “You need to be able to read the landscape in order to decipher the real stories and the beauty of things, people and moments, however strange or bizarre. What enchants in photography is the fact that each picture has a trace of reality. So under the enormous influence of the diversity of the visited land and its nature and the impressions, I photographed what I experienced and found around me. I consider this work as more than the mere snapshots. It is less about finding intensity within everyday and more about encountering the new world, in a documentary, but deeply personal and often romantic level.”

PHOTOGRAPHY  by Katja Kremenic  // WORDS by Justin Craigen

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