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Emmy award-winning filmmaker and surf enthusiast, Cyrus Sutton is in the process of editing his latest project, ‘Island Earth’. Delving into the very real and worrying issue of industrial agriculture and specifically, the startling prominence of GMOs in Hawaii, Cyrus says this documentary “is about the GMO/pesticide connection and the underground movement of young people moving back to the land and growing their own food in response to corporate corruption.”

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It’s hard to believe that Hawaii, a place famed for its verdant tropical splendour has the largest number of GMO per square metre. But its fertile islands that offer favourable year-round growth is what attracts the likes of corporate agriculture demons such as Monsanto, who are not only devastating the natural landscapes in Hawaii, but are using chemicals that are causing high levels of toxicity and thus affecting the communities in areas of¬†production. With medical research showing the rise of birth defects in these affected areas, it’s a dire prospect for what is to come if the issue continues to grow.

But like most complex issues, translating the information to the general public in a way that is comprehendible is often a hard task, but Cyrus is on a mission to make people aware of what is going on through the medium he knows best by producing a “strong cinematic seed from which change can grow.”

He¬†currently has a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the post-production phase of the documentary. A worthy cause to get behind, if you’re interested to learn more and have a few pennies to help him out, then be sure to check out the Island Earth Kickstarter campaign.

A couple of stills from the documentary that are part of the Kickstarter offerings… all photos taken by Cyrus Sutton.



To check out more of Cyrus’s work, head here.

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