// Edges of Insanity by Finisterre//

“It’s been said
On far shores, weary mariners hear voices
Songs so beautiful they cast a spell
There is no choice but to hear.”

Here is an beautiful film put together by the folks at Finisterre.  A fantastic insight into the world of cold water surfing, with some top notch production and sound, turn the speakers up loud and sink into this wonderful world.

edges_of_insanity_sea_stoke edges_of_insanity_sea_stokeedges_of_insanity_sea_stoke edges_of_insanity_sea_stoke
Director: Chris McClean
Producer: Ernest Capbert
Surfers: Noah Lane + Matt Smith
Poem: Dan Crockett
Narration: Charles Dance
Soundtrack: CJ Mirra
String Recording: Ross Sampson
Vocal Recording: Dan Trachtenberg
Audio Mastering: Dallas Simpson
Surround Mix Assistant: Simon Pallen
Post Production: The Mill
Post Production Producer: Jarrad Vladich
Colourist: Mick Vincent
Executive Producers: Tom Kay + Gregor Matthews
A Sea Saw Films Production

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