// Dreamy Imagery From O.G by the Sea //

There’s something eerily beautiful about these photos that were taken by Mervyn O’Gorman or the ‘O.G.’ as he was affectionately known. Taken in 1913, they feature his daughter posing naturally against the backdrop of Lulworth Cove, Dorset, and are said to be among the earliest colour photos, made possible by the Autochrome process that was patented a mere 10 years prior. Although he is best known as one of the greatest British engineers, he was also a keen artist and photographer and one of the pioneers of colour photography. The grainy quality in contrast with the vibrant red whisk you away to times past and although we can marvel at the advancements in colour photography over the years, it’s nice to reflect back to its humble beginnings, especially when images like these leave you feeling spellbound.






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1 response to // Dreamy Imagery From O.G by the Sea //

  1. Sue Brown

    They are beautiful, especially for their ‘time’!


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