// Beyond The Surface //

We’ve been looking forward to seeing this film for awhile and the trailer they’ve released puts out a pretty good vibe for what this film is about. The gorgeous Ishita Malaviya, (India’s first female surfer), is joined by a bunch of equally standout ladies as they travel throughout Southern India to highlight the ways in which surfing, yoga, ecological creativity are bringing stoke, hope and change to local people and beyond.

More than just another surf film, Beyond The Surface uses the stunning Indian backdrop to touch upon issues of eco-tourism, youth and women’s empowerment and personal growth. In a country like India where women are often seen to have the submissive roles in society, it’s nice to see Ishita subverting this role and becoming a true role model who’s on a mission to inspire other young, female Indians to experience the joy of surfing.

No release date set at this point, but the film is going to be making the tour circuit soon, with details you can check out here.

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