// Behind The Seen //

We had a chat with photographer Matthew Shepard who recently put some time in over in the south pacific with film maker Francesco Campello and surfer Matt Rot. ┬áTogether they created this┬ábeautiful film, which not only showcases Matt’s amazing surfing but also tells the story about how the shots were created.

“My photographer friend Shepo and I recently visited a relatively unknown island in the South Pacific, and we wanted to do something a bit different than our normal surf/image/story paradigm. We wanted to show what happens beneath the waves while we surfers are so busy obsessing only about what is happening on the surface. We also wanted to make the photographer part of the story. Typically all you see is pictures or video of athletes, but never shots that show you how the shots were created. So we decided to take the viewer “Behind the Seen” by making the photographer part of the story. We enlisted the help of visiting surfer and aspiring filmmaker Francesco Campello (from Italy), and this is what resulted–our first attempt at a video edit.”

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