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Paddle In Surf Sea Stoke
“This was an epic winter day, howling offshore, big swell and heaps of
crew frothing around, zipping up or lingering in the dustbowl carpark, watching
from their troop carriers, prados and landcruisers. Some big wipe outs had been
going down on the reefs in the area and im sure some of the best waves of peoples
lives. It was a bit on the heavy side for me so I just shot. Two of my close friends
knew where they wanted to be and no one at the time seemed to be onto it. As they
paddled out a big humpback whale cruised up right beside them; the only other
soul to share the lineup with them. I knew then that they would be sweet, a pretty
good omen. Angus Andrew (pictured) got the first one that came through and it was
pretty much just on from there. Just the two of them going wave for wave while I
shot from a cave in the dunes.”

Photography by Kat Charles

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